Your “estate” is not just what you leave when you die. You have an estate whilst you are alive, not just what you own but you as a person. Estate planning is therefore not just preparing a will which does not have any effect until you die, but preparing for what might happen whilst you are alive if you can’t manage your “estate” – your financial affairs and your personal well-being.

Conflicts over borders, boundaries and defining territory have been around since time immemorial. Enter the Great Wall of China at almost nine thousand kilometers long. It stands as testament to an empire’s determination to protect their territory from neighbouring threats.

Peter wanted to buy land and spoke to his finance broker to arrange a loan for a property of more than 100 acres. Complex bank rules can apply to loans when buying a property of that size.

Initially, Peter hoped to save money by using a licenced conveyancer rather than a solicitor to act on his behalf.

Sue, a nurse and the main breadwinner for her family, was in an accident and suffered terrible injuries. Also the mother of four children was not able to work, and even though Bob, her husband, also earned an income, they were now unable to pay their mortgage and other bills.

Mary lived in a de facto relationship with Joseph for nearly 10 years before he died in tragic circumstances. Joseph’s will was made 20 years previously, when married to Elizabeth, from whom he never divorced. John’s estate was left to his wife and children. No provision had been made for his de facto partner, Mary.

Bullying in the schoolyard is only a fraction of a very large problem. This form of discrimination is increasingly prevalent in today’s workplaces. The ‘Beyond Bullying’ Association estimates that up to 2 million working Australians will encounter ‘bullying’ in some form in their workplace.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading has released a list of the most common complaints received from residents of strata communities. Not surprisingly, keeping pets without permission is the third most complained about issue.

If keeping your pet is an important consideration for you, it is very important to make these enquiries before you enter into a contract for sale or lease.

Responsible pet owners should consider what might happen to their pets in the event that they die. This situation can become especially stressful for the older generation with close companion pets. There are sensible steps you can take.

The issue of your pet’s welfare needs to be addressed in your will – clearly stating your wishes for the pet’s care and maintenance.

Whether you are buying a home, preparing your will or starting a new business venture a local Solicitor will provide essential advice to protect your best interests. Our Solicitors have an inherent understanding of local issues to ensure whatever your need, you receive the right advice.

Breast augmentation is a controversial issue with its share of supporters and detractors.. but the bottom line is, love can make you do crazy things.

A local North Coast Law firm recently handled the intriguing case of an aggrieved boyfriend seeking reimbursement for his girlfriend’s recently ‘enlarged’ assets.