Sue, a nurse and the main breadwinner for her family, was in an accident and suffered terrible injuries. Also the mother of four children was not able to work, and even though Bob, her husband, also earned an income, they were now unable to pay their mortgage and other bills.

 Initially, her insurance company offered to pay $200,000, an amount which would have answered their immediate financial difficulties. Sue’s lawyer advised she the injuries had greater impact than what was offered, and referred her to a local specialist solicitor in Personal Injury.

Many people believe they have very limited rights to claim personal injury compensation. They often sign away their rights through the insurance company without any reference to a lawyer.

In this case the specialist solicitor advised Sue she would be better off taking a long-term position as a far better option for her and her family. The case ran for 18 months, and finally settled for $850,000, which made that family’s life much easier.

Lawyers can be Accredited Specialists in a variety of areas, such as this example of personal injury, and are able to deal with a variety of situations.

Debbie was a passenger in a serious rural motor-bike accident resulting in a badly broken leg. The bike was driven by Greg, her father. Again an insurance company provided her with a claim form for her to complete, yet did not advise Debbie she had the option of using a lawyer.

After seven months Debbie became worried the claim had still not been processed and went to a local Accredited Specialist solicitor in Injury Law. Without a lawyer to help her, she had not been aware of what she could claim, nor the thresholds that would help her.

The insurance company had no interest in helping her personal situation. Debbie’s broken leg wasn’t able to bear weight for some time, and the fracture needed to be re-broken. Debbie’s life was very difficult for quite some time.

The solicitor was able to stop the original claim that had been lodged through the insurance company. Debbie will now be in a far better financial position when the claim is resolved. Should you be involved in an accident, quickly completing an insurance claim is not necessarily the right choice. Contact a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases. The case may take longer to be resolved, but financially you may well achieve a far greater outcome.

Have you been injured? Find a local lawyer who can help you.