Breast augmentation is a controversial issue with its share of supporters and detractors.. but the bottom line is, love can make you do crazy things.

A local North Coast Law firm recently handled the intriguing case of an aggrieved boyfriend seeking reimbursement for his girlfriend’s recently ‘enlarged’ assets.

Having agreed to fund the breast augmentation surgery to appease his lover, this boyfriend came up short when the newly enhanced girlfriend then left him out in the cold.

Seeking justice, the gentleman approached his North Coast solicitors with a curious brief, even (perhaps acrimoniously) seeking the return of the breasts in dispute.

When his solicitor examined the case on its merits, it essentially came down to whether the funds used to pay for the surgery ought to be considered a ‘gift’ or a ‘loan’. The solicitor successfully mediated the case without requiring court intervention, and having taken out a loan to pay for the surgery, the bulk of the boyfriend’s investment was duly returned (although his ex-lover got the breasts for keeps).

The moral of the story with your heart but think with your head. Any loan should be properly documented by both parties – regardless of who they are, to avoid costly disputes. Your local solicitor offers a wealth of information and can help you navigate some of life’s more complex situations. Its worthwhile touching base with them when you are making decisions that may have future ramifications.

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