Bullying in the schoolyard is only a fraction of a very large problem. This form of discrimination is increasingly prevalent in today’s workplaces. The ‘Beyond Bullying’ Association estimates that up to 2 million working Australians will encounter ‘bullying’ in some form in their workplace.

Local solicitors are seeing the victims first-hand. Adults suffering workplace related bullying experience feelings of degradation, low self-esteem, reduced productivity, depression, stress and anxiety. The isolation coupled with emotional and physical stress often leaves victims feeling they have no alternatives but to leave the offending environment, rather than further endure the humiliation being dealt upon them nine to five.

It is important that readers are aware that every Australian worker is protected by the relevant legislation... The Occupational Health and Safety Act specifically requires your employer provide a working environment that does not endanger your health or safety. Bullying focused on disability, race, sex or age is equally unlawful and strictly legislated by Anti-Discrimination Acts.

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