The 2024 Continuing Legal Education Conference will be held at the Lennox Head Cultural Centre, 1 Mackney Ln, Lennox Head NSW 2478 on Thursday and Friday 15/16 February 2024.

The Thursday session will run from 2.00pm to 5.00pm and will be conducted by Lawcover and will cover the three compulsory units in ethics and professional responsibility (rule 6.1.1), practice management and business skills (rule 6.1.2) and professional skills (rule 6.1.3) and which we assume will also be a Maintenance Event for the purposes of the Lawcover’s ongoing Risk Management Education Premium Discount as with last year. The conference dinner will be held at the Lennox Hotel on the Thursday evening at an additional cost of $50.00.

The Friday sessions which will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm should be in three streams to cover the traditional conveyancing and estates, the presentations from 12th Floor Wentworth and Selborne Chambers, a litigation stream and a Family Law stream.

Having in mind that we have been charging $500.00 for the conference for at least the last ten years and most commercial providers charge $100.00 per unit we have increased the cost to $650.00 and as usual we will be utilizing Eventbrite to collect the funds but will cover their costs so the total cost for the complete ten units will be the $650.00.

John H Maxwell
Conference Organiser, FNCLS